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Domestic Partner Coverage

Domestic Partner/Domestic Partnership means an unmarried person of the same or opposite sex with whom the covered Employee shares a committed relationship, who is jointly responsible for the other’s welfare and financial obligations, who is at least 18 years of age, who is not related by blood, who maintains the same residence, and who is not married to or legally separated from anyone else.

The following criteria must be met in order to satisfy the Genesys Plan definition of Domestic Partner:

  • Are in a relationship of mutual support, care, and commitment and are responsible for each other’s welfare
  • Have maintained this relationship for the past six months and intend to do so indefinitely
  • Have shared a primary residence for the past six months and intend to do so indefinitely
  • Are not married to anyone else and do not have other Domestic Partners
  • Are financially interdependent

Domestic Partner coverage is available in the U.S. medical, dental and vision plans. The employee contributes the same amount toward the medical, dental and vision premiums for his or her Domestic Partner as other employees do for spouse coverage; however, pre-tax contributions under IRC Section 125 are not available, so the premium deductions for domestic partners are made on a post-tax basis. Additionally, per the IRS, the value of the premium for the Domestic Partner coverage in excess of the employee’s contribution is treated as wages (taxable income) and is subject to federal and state withholding.

Employees who are covering a domestic partner/domestic partner children will be required to complete this form when enrolling in the Genesys Benefit Plans.

Please consult your tax advisor if your domestic partner/domestic partner children are your tax dependents, as you may be eligible to have certain benefits deducted on a pre-tax basis.